Jaon Figueiredo

Who is Jason?

Currently working as a Senior UI/UX Design Engineer for Humana Insurance Jason Figueiredo is a designer/developer living and working in and around Boston, Massachusetts. He received his BFA in 2007, attending the Massachusetts College of Art & Design. His past work in traditional print media and design and current work in digital design and development have spanned a decade. Current interests include design and development acceleration solutions. You can find him occasionally writing on twitter and often traveling on smelly trains. Email Jason to talk about a project!

What does he do?

Humana: Sep 2013 - present

Principal desinger on iOS application which serves user populations a wellness platform with the ability to track activities using popular fitness tracking devices such as Fitbit and Jawbone, etc. Features include physical activity based and weight competitions, team based as well as individual competitions. Users have the ability to take advantage of a digital coach to help them attain new habits and goals.

Principal designer and developer on a single-page web application project enabling staff to create and administer challenge services for Humana Vitality Mobile fitness challenges. Which allows users to join fitness challenges and track their progress using health and fitness trackers such as Fitbit, Jawbone, etc.

Lead designer and developer on innovation project to accelerate internal development

Healthrageous: Oct 2012 - Sep 2013

Principal developer on a single-page web application project empowering users to challenge themselves or others to fitness challenges using biometric health and fitness trackers such as Fitbit, Jawbone, etc. The startup Healthrageous's engineering team was acquired by Hunana Inc. in September 2013.

Harvard University: Oct 2008 - June 2012

Roles included quality assurance cross-browser testing of agency delivered templates and quality assurance testing of functionality and logic for administrator and editor dashboards for the main site's relaunch in FA 2011. There are many content contributors involved in publishing to the website and making sure their experience is clear is of utmost importance.
Prinicpal designer on micro-sites such as the University's emergency broadcast and main information and tours sites.

Previous clients include

When does he do these things?

It's mostly his day job. Sometimes he moonlights. Sometimes it feels as if he's doing it every waking second.


Because of the magic of the internet he can do this work from nearly anywhere. Though if you'd ask him I'm sure he'd say he'd prefer to do most of his work in a cabana near a beach somewhere in sunny Costa Rica.


He uses magical languages like html and css. Things like bootstrap, foundation, jquery, and angular.js. He likes to follow web standards and always, always looks to inject some creativity into any project.


Jason's passion lies in creativity, and being able to work at the intersection of creativity and technology allows him to explore novel approaches and balance them with design paradigms that are tried and true to create truly unique experiences and add passion to your digital projects.